New Hampshire Partners in Service for Children, Youth and Families


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As a private, non-profit trade association we strive to provide an opportunity for partnership, collaboration and networking with public and private community stakeholders serving children and families in New Hampshire.

We are made up of human service agencies serving high-risk children, adolescents and families throughout the State of New Hampshire.

Our Mission: New Hampshire Partners in Service (NHPS) is united in action to strengthen the ability of our members to provide quality services for children and their families. The fabric of our mission is measured most importantly by the integrity and diversity of our membership.

We are commited to a collaborative system of service delivery that is trauma informed, family driven and based on successful outcomes.

When you care about the families in your community you can turn their pain into glimmers of hope and joy.

We have a history of strong ties and successful collaboration with multiple education and health department personnel. Our members are effective, responsive and accommodating in their approach.

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